How to Play

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Royale Rules

  • Each chess piece has a designated movement. These movements are:
  • King: one square in any direction
  • Queen: any number of squares diagonally, horizontally, or vertically
  • Rook: any number of squares horizontally or vertically
  • Bishop: any number of squares diagonally
  • Knight: two squares in a straight line, followed by a 90-degree turn, then one square more (L-shaped movement)
  • Pawn: one square forward (or two on its first move) or one square diagonally to capture an opponent's piece.
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Head to Head Play

In a Head Play, You play against top players, and your objective is to protect your king and trap the opponent's King by taking every piece strategically along the way. One rule of Playing chess is to defend every piece with every other piece and attack every other piece of your opponent with every other piece of yours. Attach and trap the opponents king and you won the game.