How to Play

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Royale Rules

  • This fantastic solitaire game brings you all the fun of the original but with a hotel-themed twist.
  • The aim is simple - work through the different floors of the hotel and explore the many rooms on each floor. You can play a different type of solitaire card game in each room.
  • Before you can progress to the next floor (there is 24 total), you must complete each room on the previous floor first.
  • The graphics of Hotel Solitaire are crisp, and the music is fun.
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Head to Head Play

Furthermore, the different versions of solitaire you can play are engaging and will challenge your mind. For example, during games behind the blue doors, you can place cards with one number above or below the target card. Each door increases in difficulty, and each floor presents a new wave of challenges. Will you reach the roof terrace and conquer Hotel Solitaire?